“Martin the boy who drank too much pop” is an exciting adventure story with quirky humour by author Elaine Mayson with illustrations by nextgenexperts. “Martin the boy who drank too much pop” is a full colour children’s book, aimed at 4 to 7 year olds.

Martin is a boy who loved drinking pop and always disrupted the class with his loud bur-ps. Then one day at school he just couldn’t bur-p anymore!

His stomach began to grow and GROW until it was so large and round that his feet left the ground and he drifted into the air.

It seemed like a simple rescue operation to bring him to the ground…………….but was it?

Fire Engines, Police Cars, Helicopters, War Ships, Hot Air Balloons and a Drone are all featured in this fun, action packed tale. With a fresh, breezy approach, illustrations by nextgenexperts perfectly capture Martin, London and his rescue teams and the author’s bold, unique writing style tell the story with a humorous slant.

“Martin the boy who drank too much pop” by Elaine Mayson

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ISBN: 978-09929337-8-4