I love you, Clarissa, I will never forget you.”

Jazzy is a teenage girl with a difference! Her family owned a zoo and she has her own pet chimpanzee, Clarissa. They both love dancing. When her stepdad returns Clarissa to the African plain, Jazzy runs away to look for her… and finds herself falling into the most amazing adventure. How come she can understand what the animals are saying? What can she do to help them escape poachers? And why has the great elephant queen summoned her to a grand meeting? On the journey to the land of Jobudai, with her animal companions and Mpho, Jazzy finds danger, wonder … and the best set of friends any girl ever had.

Join Jazzy and her friends in an exciting adventure as they discover the mysteries of the Magical Land of Jobudai and attempt to save the elephants.

Can she succeed in her quest … before it’s too late?

“Before it’s too late” by Elaine Mayson

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Before it’s too Late has 250 pages and is illustrated throughout by Hristina Mazneska. It is printed on 115gsm silk quality paper so that the logos and wonderful illustrations are enhanced. The cover is printed glossy with a laminated cover for strength and durability. The book is size 9 inches x 6 inches. It can be enjoyed by any age but specifically for 8-12 years.

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“Before it’s too late” is also available on iBooks and Amazon