Ballerina in Danger – with 23 full page colour illustrations by Katherine Lobo.


My second book in the ‘Isabella and the Pink House’ series is called Ballerina in Danger, with 23 full page colour illustrations by Katherine Lobo. The book is aimed at 6 to 10-year olds.

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Isabella’s quest in this book is difficult and dangerous; to rescue a ballerina and to save a special cat, she relies on the help of a French boy, Jean Paul, and an assortment of astonishing magical creatures.


Along the way, Isabella meets Hagatha the wicked witch, who tries to thwart their plans. Will Isabella stop the witch and triumph in this action-packed tale?
Ballerina in Danger is also available as an i-book on Apple and e-book on Kindle.

My Ballerina in Danger story has been made into a ballet and two years ago it was performed in an edited version by 80 children. The children from Kate Simmons Dance school from Cheshire all bought my book and read the original story. They loved my characters and still talk about it today. Tracey Moss is the teacher and choreographer of the ballet. Here are a few photographs taken by myself, Elaine Mayson photography at the performance of Ballerina in Danger at the Brindley Theatre in Runcorn and danced by pupils of the Kate Simmons Dance School.


I have choreographed three dances from these two books for children on Kidadl to learn. Maybe your parents can also video your dances and I can see them on the Kidadl instagram site? They are the Isabella Dance, the Hagatha, the wicked witch dance and the Zach Dance which are all on You Tube and the links are below.

Elaine reading the first chapter of her book The Daring Dolphins and the Divebombers and teaching the Isabella dance.

Elaine teaching the Hagatha, the wicked Witch Dance from The Daring Dolphins and the Divebombers and Ballerina in Danger.

Elaine teaching the Zach dance from The Daring Dolphins and the Divebombers.